January 2019 Program - Strategy, Statistics and Soul: How to Use Communications to Create Business Value and Impact Forever

When: 01/23/2019 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Where: Byron's South End

Everything is faster and more demanding in today's business environment. You cannot afford to chance PR and communications being misunderstood, and your value mistaken. You're competent and know what you're doing but constant shifts and management's intense focus on data, metrics, outcomes and areas related to their professional backgrounds -- like operations, finance or legal -- may make you feel otherwise. The bad news is nothing is going to slow down. The good news is you can learn where to focus so that you are doing less work but delivering more value because you are doing only what matters the most. Learn the foolproof framework for making sure you are going in the right direction, telling the right stories and analyzing the right data to achieve relevance and business impact now and forever. By beginning with measurement, we can reverse engineer our way to winning communications strategies that will earn us more recognition, respect and resources--like a bigger budget to do more.

By the end of this presentation, you will be able to:
1.       Operate with a "measurement mindset" that helps you choose the right communications strategy every single time, no matter what problem or project you're assigned;
2.       Determine which narratives to use to achieve targeted communications goals that drive business revenue, reputation, and results
3.       Decide which tools you should learn and include in your PR and Communications technology stack to produce, manage, and measure your content
4.       Get recognition and respect from your manager and senior leadership by proving with data that the work you're doing is delivering value just like marketing, sales, and operations
5.       Streamline your work, reducing overload and overwhelm and increasing impact once and for all

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