The Civil Rights Movement and #BlackLivesMatter: Lessons learned for Creating Social Change Part 2 By Cheron Porter, MA, APR March 2022

Photojournalists' work chronicling the #BlackLivesMatter rallies and uprisings are eerily similar to the depictions of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Whether it was 1961 or 2021 the images we have all seen capture the unrelenting fortitude that ignites rallying cries against injustice around the world. These vivid impressions, humanize the power and pain of a community demanding to be seen and respected by their country. Yet, there is a difference. #BlackLivesMatter is the irrefutable scion of the Civil Rights Movement, but what have the brazen descendants learned from their venerable elders? Six decades later what's changed? What qualities have they embraced? And how have they evolved? Leadership - The Rights Movement had an eloquent, charismatic, and courageous leader in Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. whose words and actions have left an indelible mark on the world. His assassination dealt the Civil Rights Movement a crippling blow. Following his death, social movements learned... Read More

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