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Graduate Assistant (MA Communication Graduate Program)

Company: Queens University of Charlotte
Location: Charlotte
Job Type: Part Time
Date Available: 5/10/2021


Queens University of Charlotte is currently recruiting multiple graduate assistants for our MA in Communication program. Our graduate assistantships cover tuition in the MA Communication program in exchange for 15 hours of work per week. These graduate assistants will gain community-based work experience while simultaneously earning a degree in communication. 

Selected candidates will gain experience in community education, project management, curriculum design, and/or digital storytelling. Current openings include, but are not limited to:
  • Community Instruction and Project Administration Graduate Assistant
  • Storytelling Graduate Assistant
  • Google Fiber Digital Navigator Graduate Assistant
  • Community Partnerships Graduate Assistant
  • Student Media Graduate Assistant

Our MA program is flexible, focused on strategic and organizational communication, and uniquely connected to community engagement opportunities in the Charlotte area. The program is 30 credit hours (10 classes total) and is often completed in a little over 1.5 years. Courses can be taken in virtual and hybrid formats. 

All students who apply to these assistantships must also concurrently apply to the graduate program. Learn more about how to apply for these assistantships and our program here.  


All individuals who apply for the graduate assistantship must also apply to (and be accepted into) the MA Communication graduate program. 

How To Apply

Apply to our graduate program and assistantships here.


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