Pegasus Award

Congratulations to Walter Price, the 2018 Pegasus Award Winner! 

 Since 1992, PRSA Charlotte has given the Pegasus Award to an individual outside of the public relations profession who    demonstrated superior knowledge and use of public relations for the betterment of the community.


 A nominee for the award must be a leader of a corporation, business or an educational, medical, cultural, civic or charitable  organization (public or private, profit or non profit) located in the Charlotte community or surrounding region. Public relations  practitioners, working members of the news media and other individuals who are paid for media appearances, writing and other  PR/communications services are not eligible for nomination.


 The nominee must be a respected leader who has made significant contributions to the betterment of the community, enhancing  its reputation and prestige through the effective use of exceptional communication and public relations practices. For example, the nominee should be someone who, through good communication practices, has helped his or her organization develop effective relationships with many different audiences or publics, such as employees, members, customers, local communities, shareholders, and other institutions that, in turn, has made a difference in the community.

 Under "qualifications" section of online entry form, describe the nominee's achievements and how they have improved the  community. Cite examples of how PR and communications principles helped make the achievements possible.

 Nomination Procedure

 Anyone, PRSA members and non-members, can submit award nominations. Charlotte-area public relations practitioners, news  media representatives, and  business, civic, educational and cultural leaders are invited to make nominations. Public relations  practitioners MAY NOT nominate their employers or clients.

 Nominations for the 2018 Pegasus Award recipient will open May 1, 2018. There is no fee to submit a  nomination for the chapter's individual awards (Pegasus and Infinity).

 Submit a nomination for the 2018 Pegasus Award.

 Past Pegasus Award Winners

  • 2016 Kay Carter
  • 2015 Bruce Moffatt
  • 2014 Pat Rodgers
  • 2013 Carl Armato
  • 2012 Dr. Daniel B. Murrey
  • 2011 Bob Morgan
  • 2010 Michael W. Smith
  • 2009 Tim Newman
  • 2008 Thomas (Tom) M. Bartholomy
  • 2007 Dr. Peter Gorman
  • 2006 Dr. Tony Zeiss
  • 2005 Carol Hughes
  • 2004 Ruth Shaw
  • 2003 Dan Morrill
  • 2002 Gloria Pace King
  • 2001 Tony Pressley
  • 2000 James (Jim) G. Babb, Jr.
  • 1999 Judy Rose
  • 1998 Bob Cannon
  • 1997 Bill Lee (posthumously awarded)
  • 1996 Corinne Allen
  • 1995 Freda Nicholson
  • 1994 Jerry and Mark Richardson
  • 1993 Michael Marsicano
  • 1992 John W. Harris
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