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PRSA Charlotte Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) Information Session to be held prior to June Luncheon

The information session will be held prior to the June Luncheon from 11 - 11:45 a.m.

Thank you for your interest in taking the next step to advance your career through accreditation! Whether you’re just dipping your toe in the water and exploring if pursuing an APR is right for you, or ready to dive right in, our chapter provides support and resources for you.

We’ve just established a new, two-semester curriculum to support candidates throughout the full process from readiness review through computer-based exam. Through this guided approach, we anticipate candidates who begin the process to in September to complete the APR process in June of the next year, just 10 months later!Are you ready?

All candidates interested in participating in either semester of APR prep are asked to participate in an information session or speak with a member of the APR committee to help you self-evaluate whether you are prepared to pursue an APR based on your career experience. Our goal is for each candidate who begins the APR prep process to obtain his or her APR. A guided self-assessment at the outset is an essential component of successful completion.  

 2016-2017 Curriculum


Readiness Review Prep (Fall 2016)

Exam Prep (Spring 2017)*

Full Group Kick Off Meeting (Early Sept)

Preliminary kick off meeting to discuss the RPIE process and timeline for maximizing the support of mentors and test prep classes


Study Session 1 

Definitions of Public Relations; Publics and Public Opinion


Full Group Readiness Review Topic Selection & Feedback (Mid Sept)

Candidates will present their ideas for readiness review projects to the group for feedback; use next two weeks to refine as needed


Study Session 2 

Ethics & Law



Mentor Meeting 1 – Questionnaire Review (Early Oct)

First meeting with mentor to review the readiness review questionnaire first draft and receive feedback; two weeks work time; email support in between


Study Session 3

Communication Theories & Practices

Mentor Meeting 2 – Questionnaire Review 2 and Portfolio Outline (Mid Oct)

Second meeting with mentor to review the revised questionnaire and outline of items to be included in candidate’s portfolio; two weeks build out and refinement; email support in between


Study Session 4

Research, Testing & Evaluation


Mentor Meeting 3 – Final Content Review (Early Nov)

Third meeting with mentor to review final questionnaire and sample portfolio content and supporting materials; email support as needed


Study Session 5

Media Relations Current Issues & Trends & Crisis Communications


Mentor Meeting 4 – Mock Panel Presentation (Mid Nov)

The mentor will recruit one or more additional APRs to do a panel run through with the candidate; all materials should be complete at this time with just small tweaks made based on feedback during the mock presentation


Study Session 6

Social Media & Emerging Trends


Candidates Sit for Panels (Dec/Jan)

Candidates Sit for Exam (June)


*The Exam Prep semester is a great opportunity for those interested in pursuing an APR, but not yet ready to undertake the full process, to engage in professional development and gain an understanding of areas assessed in the readiness review and exam. It’s also a great resource for those who do not hold an undergraduate or graduate degree in PR to gain professional development and network with fellow PR pros while you learn!

 To earn an APR, you can also engage in self-study. Through this option, you prepare for the readiness review and exam on your own. The APR committee will gladly match you with a mentor to support you as you prepare. We’ll also coordinate your readiness review panel when you are ready to present.

 Learn more about obtaining an APR on the PRSA website here. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our Committee Co-Chairs, Betsy Conway or Erin DeWaters.



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